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  • I feel confident when:

This is a difficult question i quess. Most of the time i feel confident and this feeling is influenced by the things i do at that sudden moment, how i feel about myself and the clothes i wear has also a influence. I think nobody always feel confident and sometimes you can also don’t feel confident with the good clothes you wear. It’s something from the inside what you feel and the outside can help. But the inside is the most important part. It’s a feeling.


        My definition of the perfect garment:

Well I have the same as Lisa that i don’t really got a perfect garment. I like the whole outfit. My outfit looks actually almost always the same;  A white t-shirt and a black pantalon. The t-shirt i have is put in my pantalon. I wear white socks and black shoes. Only the clothes from nobody has to know i like to wear with some colour. They fit my style. As a definition is my favourite garment the whole outfit I wear. The whole outfit makes the seperate garment beautiful.


         I am an ambassador of NHTK because:

NHTK strive for gender egual clothes and a free open minded society. In this mindset Ican identify myself. That’s why i am ambassador of nhtk. Also i really think that the clothes they make are beautiful.

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