NOBODY HAS TO KNOW is an age, size and gender inclusive fashion label, founded to shatter stigmas and deconstruct stereotypes. With our designs we encourage to break social boundaries, express your identity and escape conformity.

NOBODY HAS TO KNOW is a place where respect and acceptance for everyone’s differences are self-evident. Through our garments we create an open-mindedness and fluidity in society towards age, size and gender. The designs can be defined as contemporary, understated and conceptual with great attention to detail, quality and material. Our discreetly outspoken premium collections are produced and presented in limited numbers.

Every collection is made and designed to create combinable looks. Expect bold statement shirts and exceptionally age, size and gender free designs; clean cuts, straight lines and oversized silhouettes. To outline our values we create outspoken pieces to communicate our fundament with the world. We create to communicate, we create to empower.

We are taking a step back from the fast pace of the fashion industry and create pieces that are made to last beyond the season and trend. Therefore we follow our own rhythm in launching and presenting new collections instead of following set fashion rules. We incorporate slow fashion values into the everyday world. The collections are designed and produced in Amsterdam.

Wear what you love, the rest NOBODY HAS TO KNOW